An Interview with Marelisa Fabrega, Author of “How to Live Your Best Life – The Essential Guide for Creating and Achieving Your Life List”

I have been a reader and subscriber to Marelisa’s Blog, for probably a little less than 2 years. I have to say that her posts are very thorough, informative, inspiring, uplifting and filled with practical solutions to the issues she writes about. So when she released her latest book and I read the summary, reviews and sneak peak chapter and exercise, I knew I had to share it with my readers as well.

So go ahead and read the interview below which gives you more information about Marelisa, her blog and of course her brand new book which is at a special price until August 14th!


Tell us first a little more about you. What led you to start your blog about Creativity, Productivity & Simplicity which equals to abundance?

I started blogging because I was introduced to the concept of passive income after reading a book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, written by Robert Kiyosaki. At the time, I was working as an attorney for the agency that runs the Panama Canal, and I was making a salary. That is, all of my income was linear; I was being paid an hourly wage. After reading Kiyosaki’s book I decided that I wanted to create a passive source of income.

About a year later, I left the canal and started working as a solo-practitioner. I still wanted to make passive income, so during my spare time I started a web site in which I sold affiliate products. The products I was selling are personal development products which I use and consider to be incredibly helpful. Then I read that attaching a blog to your web site was a great way to generate more traffic to your site, so I started “Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online”. The blog started getting lots of traffic, and I got more and more involved in the blogging community and started meeting some really great people. Readers would leave comments on my blog letting me know that they enjoyed reading my articles and that they found lots of valuable tips and information on my blog. So, what started out as a means to create passive income, became much more.

I love deciding on a topic that I want to write about, conducting the research, writing the article, editing it, and then finding a great image for it. When I publish a new article I can’t wait to get up the next day and read the comments that my readers leave and see their reaction on Twitter, Stumbleupon, and other social media sites. I would say that I stumbled upon blogging, but now I absolutely love it.

How often do you update your blog?

When I first started blogging I updated my blog three times a week. However, I spend a lot of time on each of my blog posts and I was starting to get a bit burned out, so I decided to cut back to twice a week. Right now I’m working really hard on promoting my new eBook, “How to Live Your Best Life – The Essential Guide for Creating and Achieving Your Life List”, so I’ve been posting about once a week on my blog. I feel that posting twice a week is what works best for me, so I plan to get back on that schedule soon.

Are you a full time blogger as they say or do you have a ‘regular job’?

I am not a full time blogger and I don’t have a regular job. I do some work as an attorney. However, I’m trying to expand my influence online so that I can gradually become a full time blogger.

Now, tell us about the genesis behind ‘How to Love Your Best Life – The Essential Guide for Creating and Achieving Your Life List’? Why did you decide to write this book and/or about this subject matter?

I have a very popular Squidoo lens that’s titled “Creating a Bucket List – 100 Things to Do Before You Die”. It’s been one of the top 100 Squidoo lenses for well over a year now. It gets lots of traffic, and I love adding new ideas to it each time that I come across something interesting on the web.

I was thinking of how I could better monetize that lens and take advantage of the fact that it receives so much traffic, and I was looking through Clickbank and Commission Junction to see if they had any interesting affiliate programs that would appeal to an audience interested in life lists and bucket lists. I couldn’t find anything, so I decided to create a product. And that’s how my eBook came to be.

What makes this book different from the many self-help related books out there?

How to Live Your Best Life” is really a workbook; it takes you step-by-step through the entire process of deciding what you want in all areas of your life—work, family, adventures, personal development, and so on—and making those desires real. At the end of the workbook you’ll have an entire life plan drafted out. It’s packed with information, tools, resources, inspirational quotes and stories, and practical exercises. I’ve gotten a lot of very positive feedback saying that the eBook is incredibly comprehensive and yet, at the same time, its’ very easy to read, digest, and apply.

My purpose in writing this eBook isn’t just to give people information, but to offer tools that can be applied so that a year from now their life is much better than it is today, even if they already have a great life to begin with.

Now you mention that the book is written in workbook format with 165 pages, 27 chapters and 30 practical exercises. If the reader implements the practical exercises, will they have a ‘blueprint’ of what they can do to achieve their life goals?

That’s exactly right. The eBook appeals to both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It allows a lot of flexibility, while at the same time providing a methodical approach that will allow you to take your “castles in the air” and build a strong foundation underneath.

How did you go about compiling these exercises? Are they based on any psychological foundation, your experiences, a combination or what?

I did an enormous amount of research while writing this eBook. I created the exercises as a way to turn the knowledge that I was acquiring into practical steps that could easily be replicated by others. Although I’ve already achieved a lot of things on my life list, I wasn’t using the practical approach that I set forth in my eBook. Now that I have all this knowledge after all of the research that I did in order to write the eBook, I’m going to start applying it to my own life in order to start moving through my life list faster and more efficiently.

Why should our readers buy ‘How to Love Your Best Life – The Essential Guide for Creating and Achieving Your Life List’

I think that deep down we all want to apply as much of our time, money, and energy as we can toward achieving our dreams. However, a lot of people aren’t sure how to begin doing that. My eBook offers people a way to decide what it is that they want to be, do, and have, and then shows them how to start applying their resources to make it happen.

Can you tell us if you are on your way to achieving YOUR Life List?

As I said above, I’ve accomplished a lot of things which are on my life list, and I’m very proud of that. If you’d like to know some of the specific things that I’ve accomplished, you can read my post “50 Things I’ve Already Done”. I also have lots of items on my life list that I’m working toward achieving. At the same time, it’s important to remember that it’s not so much about the destination, but about enjoying the journey. The next big item I plan to cross off my life list is completing a marathon in December of this year.

Can you share any of your personal transformations that came about from applying some of the principles in your book?

I’ve gotten a lot better at recognizing when my inner voice is trying to pull me away from my life goals because it gets scared or anxious. I see my inner critic as an overly protective mother-type character that’s trying to keep me safe, albeit in a very misguided way. Now I’m a lot better at recognizing when I start to get scared because I’m moving outside of my comfort zone, and I can quiet down the inner voice that doesn’t want to venture out into the unknown. At the end of the day the only one who can tell you that you can’t do something is you; so if you can get out of your own way, there’s almost nothing that can stop you from achieving what you want.

Is there a way for our listeners to take a look inside of ‘How to Love Your Best Life – The Essential Guide for Creating and Achieving Your Life List’

Yes. If they visit the landing page for the eBook, which is here, they can read the first chapter of the eBook, the Table of Contents, and one of the exercises.

[Scroll down to where it says “Look Inside”]

What is the price of your book and how may we obtain a copy of it?

The eBook is priced at $14.60, but it has a 35% discount until the 14th of August. This means that your readers can get the eBook for $9.50 if they purchase it before the price goes up. To get the ebook, just go here: ““How to Live Your Best Life – The Essential Guide to Creating and Achieving Your Life List”.”.

How can our readers learn more about you, find your blog and connect with you via Social Media?

My blog is “Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online”, and the best way to connect with me is via Twitter.

To learn more and purchase click here: “How to Live Your Best Life – The Essential Guide to Creating and Achieving Your Life List”.

Note: The links to Marelisa’s book are all affiliate links

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