Start with faith

What if you started EVERYDAY with FAITH in all that you do?

Faith in your yourself
Faith in your business or career
Faith in your ability
Faith in the gifts you have to offer
Faith that you help your clients get results or are a master producer in your line of work
Faith that your ideal clients are lining up to work with you
Faith that you are respected by your industry peers and leaders
Faith that you are an expert & authority in what you do

How would that influence your mindset?
How would it impact your daily activities?

My friend I encourage you to start and proceed through your day and week with FAITH. Take any inspired action that arises out of that.

Think: “What if everything works out in my favour and to the benefit of my clients, team and partners?”

And who knows, maybe it will!

Make it a great day and week.

Love and abundance,

3 Quotes to Help You (and me) Stop Worrying Now

I am the world’s greatest worrier! It’s official. Or at least I used to be… But ever since I got rid of my television, I don’t hear as much bad news as I used to, and… and.. Ooh dear, maybe I should get that TV back or tune in to Twitter more (it’s good being the greatest, isn’t it?)…

Seriously, I AM a worrier; I’ve worried far too much in my life. And even though I KNOW it’s a completely pointless exercise I still do it far too often. And it makes my life a bit of a misery sometimes.

The good news is that I don’t worry as much as I used to.

The even better news – especially if you’re a worrier too – is that I’ve written an article showing you, me and everyone just HOW to stop worrying…

* I’ve got 3 inspirational worry quotes to help me along

* I’ve got years of worrying experience to draw on

* And I’ve developed an ability to communicate my wisdom (meaning your wisdom) one-to-one via the written word

So what can possibly go wrong, eh! (Y’know, I’m not gonna even imagine. I’m just going to trust the (creative) process and KNOW that your worrying (and mine) will reduce greatly just for having read/written this article.)

So let’s go, then, with the first inspirational quote about worrying…

Inspirational Worry Quote #1:

“Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.”
— Leo F. Buscaglia

So, I’ve already said it once, but I think it bears repeating: worry really is pointless. Not only does it NOT achieve its stated intention – making tomorrow ‘better’ – but it clearly makes today much worse.

So why would anybody participate in an activity that achieves nothing tangible other than to make themselves miserable? And that’s a question to me, dear reader, as much as to you.

Here’s my answer – I’ve been thinking about this a long time, by the way – the answer is this: we think worrying protects us from ‘nasty experiences’.

The thing is, though, these so-called ‘nasty experiences’ are ALWAYS worse in our imaginations than in reality, and most often they never occur anyway.

But the real problem here is that we think we can’t handle the looming situation, and that’s why we make it ‘nasty’.

Yes, we worry because we are insecure, and unsure of our own strengths to handle what life brings us. Simple as that. And when I say we, I mean I. Because I’m sure you’re not daft enough to worry about nothing for the sake of it – surely not?

Hmm, so what are we to do here? Answer: recognise that WORRYING IS POINTLESS. And repeat it to ourselves each and every day. “Worrying is pointless. Worrying is pointless. Worrying is pointless…”

And if you can sing those words to a tune, then mores the better.

Another inspirational quote about worrying that pretty much says the same thing as Leo’s is this one by Glen Turner:

“Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.”
— Glenn Turner

More succinct, I guess, but now I’m worrying that those mighty fine editors at (ahem!) might not approve this ‘worry article’ you’re (hopefully!) reading as I’ve called it 3 Quotes to STOP Worrying but I’ve included 4! (Ooh dear, what am I to do!…)

Inspirational Worry Quote #2:

“Worry is like a signpost pointing in a direction you don’t want to go”
— Dr Rob Pennington

Now Dr Rob has great experience of worrying, so I hear. He even wrote a book about it – or rather, what to do instead of worrying – and it’s called “Find The Upside of the Down Times”.

And I quite like his business-focussed approach to not worrying. It’s pretty much saying, if you’re going to fantasise about your life – and worrying, as we’ve seen is nothing more than a gory fantasy – then you might as well fantasise on what you want, via the act of goal-setting and visualisations.

(I know you can’t get all of that from Dr Pennington’s worry quotation, I’m just reading between the lines. Trust me, there’s nothing to worry about here – this IS what Dr Rob is trying to say!)

So, next time you find yourself worrying, ask yourself why would anyone (especially you!) fantasize about going somewhere they don’t wanna go?

Instead of doing that, do this: FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT!

And when I say that, I’m pretty much hoping that you want good things to happen in your life – good experiences, good friendships, a good relationship etc. – rather than grim stuff!

Because nobody WANTS grim stuff in their life, do they?…

Inspirational Worry Quote #3:

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”
— Charles F. Kettering

Hmm, and no insightful look at worrying would be complete if it did not contain a spiritual approach, also.

Because maybe we like being foolish and engaging in pointless activities. Maybe we like to think of goals that are ghastly, too, or just don’t believe in setting nice goals – too much like hard work! And that’s okay, I guess (bear with me, here!). But we cannot deny the truth of what our worrying is really all about. And it is this:

Worry: a psychological fear of how something (‘imaginary’) is going to make us feel.

Yep, we’re not really worrying about the event. We’re worrying about how that event will make us feel afterwards. Repeat: it’s not the event that’s important, but our feelings of the event.

And, as Charles F. so brilliantly puts it, YOU (and I) have the power inside us at any time to change how we feel about something.

Events will always happen that we like and that we don’t like. That’s life, to use a cliche somewhat appropriately. So our challenge is ONLY to understand that we can CONTROL OUR THOUGHTS and feelings. We need not fear them at all, we really needn’t.

For the truth is that we are all powerful enough to bear the good, bad and indifferent things that come our way, we really are. WE CAN COPE; there really is no need to fear that we can’t.

End of this worry article. All 3 quotes used up. Written communication between you and I nearly over. And… 5-4-3-2-1 back in the room, you no longer worry! Snap.

You now see that worrying is pointless. You now see that worrying takes you in the opposite direction to where you want to go. And you now see that worrying is a lie, because it’s not the event that we fear but the feelings about that event.

You now see all this, I know you do. And that’s why I know, repeat KNOW, that you WILL worry less from now on.

And, no, I’m not worried that you won’t stop worrying, I’m not. I believe in you, I really do (just like you do).


And there really is no more for you to do here. I suggest maybe that you might like to sing to yourself (“la la la”), and do a hop skip and a jump now that you’re worry-free! But If you’d really like to find out more about me, the author of this article, then just do a search on Google for the words “Steve M Nash”. (please ignore any results for a certain Canadian basketball player, eh! ;-) )

Or you can click the link below, whichever’s easiest

From Steve M Nash – Editor of

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The Comfort Zone


I used to have a “Comfort Zone”
where I knew I couldn’t fail.
The same four walls and busy work
were really more like jail.
I longed, so much, to do the things
I’d never done before.
But I stayed inside my “Comfort Zone”
and paced the same old floor.

I said it didn’t matter
that I wasn’t doing much.
I said I didn’t care for things
like diamonds, furs, and such.
I claimed to be so busy with
the things inside the zone
but deep inside I longed for
something “special” of my own.

I couldn’t let my life go by
just watching others win!!
I held my breath and stepped outside
to let the change begin!
I took a step and with new strength
I’d never felt before,
I kissed my “Comfort Zone” good-bye
and closed and locked the door!

If you are in a “Comfort Zone”
afraid to venture out,
remember that all winners
were at one time filled with doubt.
A step or two and words of praise
can make your dreams come true.
Greet your future with a smile,
Success is there for YOU!

Like this entry? You will love receiving my free Quote of the Day (QOTD) email from Monday to Friday with a positive, motivational and/or inspirational quote plus inspiring video and other smart resources to help you succeed from time to time. You will also receive a free ebook called, 101 Motivation Tips

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