Monday Morning Inspiration –

Happy Monday!

This is the week of Thanksgiving for some of us and not too long after that it will be the Holiday season. A time to be thankful and a time when we give inspired me to share this video. The video is another from the TedTalks series at You may have noticed if you are a regular visitor here that I have previously shared videos from

Today’s video is an 18 minute presentation by the founder of a nonprofit organization that grants micro loans to aspiring entrepreneurs around the world in an effort to alleviate poverty. [My very brief description does not do this great organization justice, so please visit their website and see what they are all about and how you can get involved]

I hope this video and the information on the’s website inspires you to make a donation and help an entrepreneur.

Have a great week!

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Tuesday Morning Inspiration

This morning’s inspiration comes from

Great New Year’s Resolution Inspiration

It took 50 years, but George Roundy finally found the inspiration to lose his extra pounds and keep them off!

Take a look:

I chose this video for today’s inspiration because by this time each year (before, in many cases) we forget our ‘New Year’s Resolution’ and are back to the same old, same old. I suggest that as soon as you finish watching this video, look for your New Year’s resolution list and analyze the resolutions you made and whether or not you are working on them. If you are not working on them, I challenge you (and myself) to get back on track and finish up this quarter and the rest of the year, actively working on achieving your goals.

Monday Morning Inspiration: The Butterfly Effect

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