The water is cold where I lie, but no matter.
Its frigidity pleases me and soothes my wearied soul.
I have gone far, and now I am here and here only.
Up hills and over long, rocky roads that jam pebbles into the soft, precious spots of the feet.
Down ravines and over bones of old, indistinguishable prey,
Eaten by something, God knows what, and left to drain of existence in the sun.

The water gushes over my head, forcing it down.
My arms flail with the will of the falls, bouncing and dancing like life.
A single, endless noise rushes past my ears, but in a moment it is gone;
Replaced by a silence of familiarity and peace.
I place my chin on the top of the boulder over which passes the eloquent stream.
Now I know what it feels like to be the rock over which the river flows
For thousands and thousands of years without end or memory.

Karen Howley


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